Unmerciful Old Age
by Asutia Angelo

Oh! Old age.
You have painted my once dark hair grey.
Removed my teeth leaving my mouth
An empty hollow cavity
Through which my tongue uncontrollably
Glides out between my drooping lips

Oh! Old age,
You respect no king, no queen, no male nor female
Old age,
You have drained my blood,
Evaporated my energy,
Dried my tissues.
Gnawed all my flesh exposing my numerous bones protruding
Beneath the dry scaly skin

Old age
You have made me a scare crow,
The young ones scatter and run away,
On seeing my deformed figure,

Old age,
You are cruel, a brute, a scavenger,
Feeding on human body,
You are destructive on beauty,
You are unmerciful

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Alex M. Asumi, Fortunate Drateru, Moses Dramiga, Proscovia Adrupiyo.