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"Small communities grow great through harmony, great ones fall to pieces through discord. "

TUALU HUMOUR with Ruffino Ezama mccj


The Coffee...

Mr Agotre: When I take coffee I don’t sleep
Mr Anguyo: For me it is the opposite. When I sleep I don’t take coffee.

Kampala and Uganda...

Ma wari adri pa ’ba Kampala ga pi ma ada dri Uganda ga dika ku.
(My friend when I will step in Kampala I will never come back to Uganda).

My Classmates...

Aje amu do ongo ga Sabena ga, atu ongo ’da transnight kpere sawa ini ni aro. Ongo bani ava da ki dria ma classmates.
(Yesterday we went to dance at Sabena Club. We danced transnight till 2 am. All the songs played were my classmates (he meant favorites).


Wadiko: Fortunate how were the exams?
Fortunate: Thank God the Professor I had was very religious. At each moment of my answers he would put his hand on his head and just say “My God, My God”.


Ma wari, ma osu ma ozonga azi edi “young boy”
My friend I have found a “chana” who is a young boy



When an Aringa (who had never reached Arua town) passed near Ombaci Satellite, he later inquired from his friend:
Ako basi ombaci ga loco da a’du: ’da TV ku?
Yu, TV ba ‘ba ja ga, anve da ba edi omve Television

(What is that huge thing in Ombaci, isn’t it a TV?
No, TV is put in the house, that one out there is called Television


A priest was celebrating the Eucharist (Mass). When he said “Let us pray” one of the faithful went to collect a spray thinking in Swahili that he said “leta spray” (bring the spray) to kill mosquitoes.


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homeartsdevelopment • education • lugbara poemsreading roomreferenceswest nile

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